Tropicana Berry Icecream and Deadline Addiction

I have a problem....
It's a biggie, impacting stress, grades among things.
Allow me to bare my soul here, because: I suffer from deadline addiction.

I live for those last few (usually THE last) day before the due date.
The insane rush to fit weeks of work into mere hours, to reference (thank you, for saving me the effort) and above all, that endorphin release, the bleary pride and triumpth at handing it in, clicking submit or publish. And then the rest of the day, feeling on top of the world.


But this is all very stupid in retrospect.....getting the due date wrong spells disaster and late submissions (yes, there have been cases).
I was silly enough to think my blog wouldn't be a part of this, but oh, is it ever!
Ergo, my plan of attack to kick this festering addiction to the curb: scheduling. In this case, getting posts ready, so Wednesday morning involves a final grammar-check and some photo hustling only.

We shall all see how well that pans out, it would be good to master my laziness before I enroll in more papers next year. Who knows, I could be an A student! :D

And to congratulate myself for this decision, reward comes in the form of yumminess. Namely, a big bowl of creamy, fruity, exotic nicecream.
Bananas and mango base. Vibrant boysenberries. A large dash of raw cacao, and a dash of cardamom, all blended up with some creamy rice milk.

Bliss, come celebrate the tropics with me!
Serves one.....aww you can share if you wanna

Tropicana Berry Nicecream
2 large frozen bananas
1 ripe mango (can be frozen or fresh)
few handfuls frozen boysenberries
1 tablespoon raw cacao
a pinch of cardamom
a dash of plant-based milk (or coconut cream, yum!)

Throw it all in your high-speed blender and blend it up all nice and smooth.
Stick in a spoon. You could drizzle some cacao-date-milk-tahini combo sauce all over the show....just a thought.

Question: Can you relate to leaving everything to the last day, the last hour?


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