My Current Obsessions

This post I will dedicate to things I've been munching on like there's no tomorrow, and some new trends that are emerging in what I've been making.

Everyone I love goes away (in the end) to uni, and I am left wandering how to fill my time when I myself am not actively stressing my brain over truckloads of new material......
This phenomenom arises when one takes a break from uni (a mere half-year away from graduating! Is that insane or what?) to finally leave the southern hemisphere and use some of those hard-earned savings to create unforgettable memories (and photographs) and broaden one's mind.
Phew, that was a very roundabout way of sayin' I'm gonna jet-set my way to Europe (see the family) and travel to my heart's content!

I feel that stirring in my bones of impending awesomeness, but until September rolls around, I have to keep busy.

So I've been experimenting with putting strange ingredient combinations in my mouth, so I could report back to you, dear people, any breakthroughs in flavour.

You're welcome.

For starters, sweet things:
Banana, sliced in half, and sandwiched together with sweet chilli relish and a healthy lick of peanut butter. The interplay of savoury sticky peanut butter, moist banana and the light burn from the chili are just orgasmic!
Not my picture, but it illustrates the point well.

 Apple, sliced. And a beautiful dip from ground oats nuked with plant milk, sweetened with a little molasses and stevia, and spiced with cinnamon and vanilla. This solves the problem of toffee apples quite well. You know, eat all that toffee encrusted skin and you are left with half a verrrry sour apple.

Also, crunchy things:
Raw cauliflower florets are actually very scrummy. Especially if you layer the top with peanut butter and tomato relish. I was rather shocked to uncover it was reminiscent of chicken sate (without the chicken naturalmente). Otherwise, dip in hummus (and more relish mwahaha).

The raw munchies are really in my snack circuit, I have also been loving carrot sticks, dipped into hummus and the like, or an easy dip or roasted pumpkin, cumin, nutritional yeast, hummus and relish (slight cheesiness here).

Last but certainly not yeast, layering sprouted mung beans (or cauliflower rice) on EVERYTHING: savoury sandwiches or crackers, on soup, straight up....hmmmm.
Dinner with a side of cauli/parsley rice, a nice tangy compliment to creamy soup.

Lastly in the snacks is Lindt 90% chocolate. It is definitely an acquired taste, I like to melt it in my tea, although leaving it on the cup rim while I grab a book has twice ended in catastrophe!

On the art front:
I've been really cranking my way through an excerpt from Enchanted Forest: An Inky Quest and Colouring Book for an 'adult art competition'. Oh boy, I bet so many of us mature adults lwt our inner child out of the basket here. maybe that's why crafty children are so chilled out, they unknowingly have daily therapy by putting strokes of vibrant colour on paper. I certainly really enjoy it, once I stop agonising over every colour choice and just use my instincts. I sort of don't want to hand it in, I want to keep it, it is my pride and joy!

Cats are finally reaching completion, I seem to burn out just before finishing all those stripes on my cat's flanks....and in the meantime, doodling patterns of rain on windows, and the pattern my hair makes when I press it against the condense covered shower cubicle....water is on my mind it seems!

So, stay tuned for an art dump sort of post, and some recipes that are spiced out of this world!


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