Chocolate avocado mousse and cat pictures part 2

Writing this as the sun peeks over the cupboard and half-blinds me, while warming my eyelids. A high pressure system has cleared the skies to that infinite blue. Combined with a sheltered nook on the northern face of my house, lying on a towel, I was a happy chappy.

Nothing compares to the warmth of the sun, the way it envelops all the exposed skin. It feels like a glow that you absorb and then shine back out, if that makes any sense. Or this is just gobbledygook, my sun-overdose induced rambles!

Ah, where was I?
Yes, the cat challenge! I will upload the photos of my most complete works so far, available for your pointers and thoughts.....
The first sketch, based on a photo where I had placed a hair tie on his face to tease him.
And I called it Sir Neko, since I made the hair tie a monocle, and created a funky background using tea and coffee. The rest was a couple of pencils, and acrylics for the monocle and whiskers.

Annnnd I attempted photorealism here. I really wanted to capture the shading and proportions as accurately as possible.His side still needs some work though...
Finally, the sketch and then I traced it and will be finishing off the markings in pen, and shade with light-blue watercolours. It's quite fun using pen, since the line, once made, is permanent.  

 Question: Do you think putting your plans online helps you follow through?

Personally, knowing that people are expecting an avalanche of cat art keeps me going!



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