Kitchen flops, exam fails, and cat shenanigans

My last post was a bit rushed, did you notice?

Hopefully not.
I try to treat my blog posts better than any assignment (last day rush) or exam (two-day 'cram-n-dump' fest). Now that the madness of finals are behind me (for this semester) I can invest more time in pursuits of passion, such as crafting delightful art and recipes to share!

On that note, here comes the sorry tale of my first metaphorical culinary face-plant.....

Let's talk brownies. Everyone either has that recipe handed down from wise grand-parent to the excited and proud child, or otherwise trawls the internet, or the books, for that ultimate brownie recipe.

It could be a bitter, dark, oozy brownie, like thunderstorms over the ocean.
It could be a tall, sweet,  spongy delight, like an angel's cupcake, coated with lashings of ganache, or otherwise a chewy-candy concoction, akin to those often found in la cafe.

I have a balance between these qualities I seek. Something with a crackly top, a slightly chewy, fudgy interior, but not so moist that it requires forks or sticky fingers to devour. (I'm looking at you, Nigella!) Oh, yeah, preferably NOT a total oil 'n' sugar-fest, and absolutely vegan (maybe gluten-free). Suffice it to say I am still looking....

I tried something risky last time. I attempted to combine two very different recipes, to my own detriment. I used both this flourless chocolate cake one, and tried to brownify it by mixing in features of this deelish (but too cakey and not bitter enough) brownie recipe. I somehow made the most tasteless dry brownie in the history of oat flour!

Ever the realist, I soaked the lumps in a chocolatey syrup and stuffed them in little homemade chocolate casings. So from a brownie flop came mini cake-cups, and patched up my damaged bake-esteem.

Then the very next week came another massive fail, one quite embarrassing for a third year.....I failed to read my exam timetable properly.
In full-cram mode, I was stuffing lectures in my noggin about cancer when lo and behold, I checked the timetable and observed, 7 PM before the 9:15 AM exam, that it wasn't up next, or even after the next.......I had crammed the wrong content! So now it remains to be seen how the marks pan out O-0
Otherwise I will have extra time to get acquainted with the campus.....
It has it's pretty moments, in between the noise and bustle, funky bathrooms and lack of proper heating.....

Seeing my imminent freedom, I will be quite derailed without that structure and learning every week. So I have created the 30 day cats-and-yoga challenge.
Much like yoga challenges, this involves a daily yoga practice, AND a daily depiction of my cat in some medium. The theory is that, much like I used to draw faces everywhere, drawing my pretty beastie will become second nature. Not to mention finally putting the few thousand or so pictures of his sexy tummy and cool stares to use. So prepare! I will try to add an additional weekly update of the cat-folio.
Look at that belly though, awwwww
Question: What do you do when your days lose all struggles? How do you deal with the epic fails that just happen sometimes?


  1. This 30 day cats-and-yoga challenge is going to be adorable. I've been blogging for a while and have had many fails, they suck but I always share what happened with my readers. We share such perfect pictures most people don't think we make mistakes. I hope your exams turn out ok! :)

    1. Thank you, although my pictures are far from perfect ;)
      At least by sharing mistakes others don't have to make them too, they have been warned right?


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