Basil pesto with a twist.

A vegetable patch shows it's real worth when you avoid buying those (probably sprayed) 'gourmet' pricy herbs from your local supermarket. It was so worth hacking out our clay-covered-with-ferocious-grass patch and painstakingly crumbling the hardened clay together with sand and compost (and worm-farm-magic-coffee-brew). I may have moaned extensively whiling away a few of my millions of summer days, but I can look back and say pull yourself t'gether grrl! (hehe Edna). I'm sure mother dear still did well over half the work single-handedly, with us chipping in when pressured.

So, plant your own herbs! They are so precious when you know you've raised them, almost like little plant children. In my case, it is a bunch of basil plants that flourish thanks to my efforts to stop it sprouting flowers. It is those fragrant leaves I'm after!

So, I'd say 80% of people either like or love pesto, and the remainder must just seriously dislike basil (what's their problem? no, I kid, love you all :D ). Hence, having the ability to make this at home is a risk, considering traditional pesto contains up to a cup of oil, plus additional nuts and parmesan! The solution? Just skip the oil, adding only a spoonful for a creamy touch or rounded flavour. Then smear it on your slice of wonderbread, and head on back to bed (bad-bad paraphrase).

Before I type anymore cringe-worthy material, onwards! The recipe!

Basil Pesto with peas

4 cups lightly packed basil
1 cup steamed peas
1/2-1 cup lightly toasted cashews or walnuts
1-2 tsp miso paste
1 tsp garlic powder
cumin and pepper to taste (I used about 1 tsp cumin)
juice of a lemon for some zest!

Blend the basil and the steamed peas to a chunky paste in your blender.
Add in nuts and seasonings and blend until combined, and the nuts begin to break down.
Add water, lemon juice, or a drizzle of oil until it reaches the desired consistency.

That's all!

Question: Have you ever stopped to really look at how beautiful the clouds can be? They were spectacular today!


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