Some doodle art and a logo

As promised, here comes some quick art that I've sneaked in my study time!
Lack of printer = best possible digital photo and some GNU image manipulation, so bear with. Oh dear, got sidetracked (but I do so love Miranda!!!) A bit scatterbrained today, but it's been a bits and bobs sort of day all around, people coming and going, switching between study, procrastiblending and lumberjacking our firewood (yes those ARE all words as of now). Since lectures have ceased for the "study times" my days have lost their structure. I just don't know what to do with myself: my shifts at the place I call hell in a deep-fryer are at random times, I take naps in the sun, have lunch at 11 or 3....I wonder if all students feel like that after 12 weeks of rigid timetable adhesion?

Ramble aside, some art! I have been cracking away at a nice header image, so I have crafted the following with my favourite super-pointy ball-point.

I used my own arms as a reference to keep the proportions in whack.

As soon as I am in presence of a HQ scanner and hash out how, I endeavor to header my blog with this, I may even add some fancy-schmancy vine-work on the right.....

And the following: the sort of thing I draw on my hand or arms when creativity strikes me at inappropriate times (mid-lecture for instance). Did my best to draw it from my hand onto paper, using a variety of coloured ball-points.

Used colour select to paste each aspect onto a clean white layer using GIMP.

I do have a sort of all-over-the-place style, varying from detailed painting to scratchy pen-art, with some geometric designs and zen-tangles in between. The holidays approach fast so I will soon have all the time to pretty-up my posts with some of my work!
Question: Wat are your thoughts on my logo design? Fitting/too plain/too complex/anything, any feedback appreciated!


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