Awe-inspiring chocolate spread (wholefood)


Did I mention I spend a large section of my day in the kitchen, devotedly whirring together ingredients by processor/hand/spoon/whisk?
Well I do.
So the occasional post of all my kitchen victories will filter through, hurrah!
What can I say?
I refuse to bog my blog (mmmmm that assonance) to a niche, it is to reflect my thoughts, art, recipes and any shenanigans that are worth sharing.
Just so you know what's coming ("gather yourselves" -Villainy) (oh and expect lyrics and other quotes :p)....

Anyhow, I have on frequent basis made crazy concoctions of roasted/unroasted, nuts and/or seeds, with/without cocoa and oodles of sweetener and lovingly slathered it over other food or a spoon and consumed it (often in copious amounts). But this is my own twist on recipes such as Katie's healthy Nutella, a dee-lish-ee-ous concoction of mixed nuts, cacao nibs and dates (and other bits and bobs to round out the flavour)

So I present to you: Follow-your-palate chocolate spread!

Awe-inspiring chocolate spread

4 cups nuts and/or seeds of your choice
2 cups packed pitted dates
¼ cup cacao nibs
¼ cup cacao powder
1 tsp vanilla (or vanilla seeds from one pod)
Salt to taste
Stevia if required.

How to:
Soak your dates in one cup of boiling water for at least thirty minutes.
Optional: Toast your nuts (175 degrees Celsius, tossing every 5 minutes until fragrant)
Place your nuts into a high-speed blender or food processor.
Blend on high speed until the nuts turn to a thin paste (nut butter).
Drain your dates (reserve the water) and add to the nut butter along with the other ingredients.
Pulse until the dates break down, then add the reserved soaking water until it forms a spreadable paste.
At this point sample the mixture. Add more cacao/nibs/stevia or salt as you like.

I toasted mostly almonds and also some sunflower seeds and cashews, and added untoasted walnuts and brazil nuts, since I was running low on nuts.
You can use roasted or raw nibs, whichever you prefer.
Feeling adventurous? Add spices or some maca.
Plenty of sampling is recommended, nay required!


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