Guess who's back? The great vegan overhaul is coming...

Hi dear reader chum. Thanks for dropping by.
And hold on to your hats (yes, all your hats, for they will be blown away by this)....

I am going on a pilgrimage through all my top childhood treats and giving them a vegan overhaul, so all us veggie-munchers can share the joy!
Coming up are some Dutch classics, Edmond's goodies and general yums!

Check in soon to find:
  • ontbijtkoek (literally "breakfast cake")
  • fristi (berry yoghurt drink)
  • wickedly good custard
  • ginger crunch
  • haverruitjes (oat diamonds)
  • anzacs
  • anything else that comes to mind (email or comment suggestions!)
Already available is vegan marzipan if this post has given you a hankering for some yums......

Strange runny boozy batter becomes sticky sturdy cake extraordinaire!
In the meantime, I shall weather the torrential downpour by fortifying with a mug of ginger tea (which gives excellent reason to dangle in a slab of chocolate and lap up melty liquid joy!


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