iHerb discount! Happy shipping....

Hey everybody.

Geez it has been too long since I touched base with the free wanderers out there, those amazing people that stumble upon my unofficial online diary of kitchen success and other things! (That's YOU, dear reader!)

In a nutshell: I have quit the job in deep-fryer-hell, and spend 99.9% of all my savings on some quality solo travel in Europe. I can hereby report that airbnb will save your eggplant-bacon and that couch-surfing is NOT a death trap but a commendable way to become sociable and get to know people you would otherwise never have met. And you will be all the better for knowing them too.....except creepy single Mexicans who try to get a girl ten years their junior drunk, offering shoulder-massages and sharing the couch-bed despite their profile stating "private room".

Seriously....not cool (I drew a line the next night and insisted on the spare room, assuring him the lack of heating would not bother me in my alpine climate sleeping bag). So beware of that, I would say it is usually safer to stay with more than one person (flatters/travel buddy) or, if you're a single girl, though it is your right to travel alone and you are not "asking for it in any way", there will always be a bad apple in the tree......

But I'll dedicate some proper picturesque posts (lovely alliteration there) to my stages of travel: Praha, Barcelona, Brussel, and some cool spots beyond Amsterdam most tourists wouldn't ever think of.

Here though, I am still unemployed (ah wise cicada, little bird unbakery, please employ me!) and on the last dregs of savings. I shouldn't spend it.....
But then there is iHerb.

Online shop extraordinaire, cheaper than buying cool health goodies and foodie finds from NZ itself, since shipping comes at a niiiiice price.

Heard of them, love them too? Well, grab yourself a $5 saving of your next splurge! Follow this link, or just type LKS468 in the discount box when you check out.

Oh as a note, I will probably have one post of just street art, which comes in more styles than there are stars in the sky. I will also post stuff on my new instagram page, so give me a 'follow' and enjoy the pretty pictures, and little daily tidbits (shameless self-promotion ahem).

That was all about this, next up will be chocolate bubbly bar bonbons (I am still workin' out a name there....) so keep tuned, or just follow my blog, or subscribe (I don't even know) to be up to date on any new posts!

Sit tight for 2016


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