Bounty Bar Fudge in a Jar

That title has a lovely assonance, does it not?
It's pleasing to say in one's head (tell me I'm not alone in that, please)...

Of course, with a title like that. the content of the post must match.
Well, I promise to deliver on that. What I concocted in my kitchen yesterday is a thing of beauty.

Complex flavours that meld together and solidify into a spoonable fudge that melts on the tongue, thanks to the low melting point of coconut fats.
The main players here are ROASTED coconut butter (too addictive for words) toasted oats, cocoa powder, and lashings of maple syrup. Add some oat milk to make delectable bounty bar cream  in your blender. Just try to put it in the jar without sampling, I dare you. Because it is made with warm ingredients, the scent will inevitably fill your nostrils with toasty goodness!

The toasting is non-optional, the anticipation will only make the finished product all the sweeter.

Bounty Bar Fudge 

2 cups coconut thread
1/2 cup whole or rolled oats

40 mL cocoa powder
40 mL maple syrup
120-150 mL oat milk
pinch of salt
optional: few drops of stevia or extra maple syrup

Preheat the oven to 150 Celcius / 300 Fahrenheit.
Spread the coconut out on one pan to form a thin layer, and the oats in a seperate pan.
Place both in the oven and toast, stirring every 4-5 minutes until the coconut is light golden. You can keep the oats in there a bit longer if need be.

Now blend both together in a high-speed blender until super-smooth and runny.
Remove from the blender, and place 1/2 cup of your coconut butter back in the blender. Add remaining ingredients to the blender, starting with just 1/2 cup of milk. Blend until combined. If need be, add additional milk in a slow stream with the blender running, watching until it becomes a slightly drippy consistency, a bit like cake batter.

Sample for flavour purposes ;)

Now you have a delectable spread/sauce, but if you are wanting fudge, more patience! Pour spread into a jar and refrigerate until firm. Get your spoon and savour. Oh, and I'm sure you'll find a purpose for the left-over coconut butter...

Action shot! For the win.

Ah, it's so beautiful!

Question: Have you ever walked in the rain, and actually enjoyed the moment?

I was caught out in my shorts and Kathmandu polyester jacket today, and there were only seriously inadequate trees for shelter.
I usually avoid rain at all costs, but having no shelter and a paper run to complete, I thought " you know what, let's enjoy the moment". A moment just is, and it is us who give it positive or negative connotations. By viewing the rain as cleansing and freeing, one can turn an unpleasant experience into a liberating one.


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