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Satay Sauce (low-fat) (high-protein) (vegan)

Let's talk about food culture in the Netherlands.
It is impossible to say: "what is typical Dutch cuisine?" because it does not fall in any small niche.

Of course we have hearty winter fare, most often a simple combination of a potato and vegetable mash (chunky mash mind you) for example with beet, carrot, apple, kale or red cabbage (and they all have cool names too, and paired with bacon bits, sausage or some slow-cooked beef, though of course that could be subbed out for a vegan variant with ease.

We also draw a lot of inspiration from the diverse immigrant cultures however: the Moroccan, South-African, Chinese and most importantly, Indonesian. Standard dishes have names like Nasi Goreng, Bami, and Bobotti. Not to mention our love of fish varieties and of pasta dishes.

Don't say I didn't warn ya!

But today I come to you with something that is key to a beloved favourite of mine, Nasi (fried rice). It is a spice blend-infused dish, with a variety of veggies: leek…

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